Privacy & Cookies Policy

Brass Flowers Inc. d/b/a Delta CX would like to be very clear about your privacy and data. Here we go!

What personal information do we hold?

  • If you fill out the form on the Contact Us page, we have the information you give us.
  • When you visit our site, three third-party tools are tracking you.
    1. We use Olark for live chat, which tells us your IP and location but nothing personally about you.
    2. We use Microsoft Clarity to record site visits for UX research. This gives us your country but no other information about you.
    3. Google Analytics is running on this site and collecting information about your visit but no personal information about you.
  • If you make a calendar appointment with us, we are collecting the contact information you entered into that appointment.
  • Third party systems we use may be using cookies.
  • If you email us, we know whatever information is included in or with your email and your email signature such as your name and email address.

What do we do with this information?

  • Anything entered into the Contact form is stored by us as a received email as well as by Alchemer as a “survey response.”
  • Anything entered into the calendar system is stored by us in our Google Calendar as well as by YouCanBookMe, our third party calendar tool.
  • We use information to communicate with your about our services.
  • We do not sell it, share it, add you to a mailing list (without you opting in), or give it away. We only use it to contact you about our products and services that you appear to be interested in.

What information do we need?

  • If you are uncomfortable entering information into a website for any reason, you can circumvent all of these systems by emailing us directly at info AT Delta CX DOT com. Or call us. +1 628 225 2440 or +39 02 9475 8190 ext 1.
  • We don’t ask for any information we don’t need. For example, we don’t ask your home or mailing address on this website.

We consider you to be opting in to this privacy policy when you…

  • Use our website.
  • Fill out our contact form.
  • Join our mailing list.
  • Make a calendar appointment with us.

If you wish to opt out, we suggest you leave the website and give us a call to talk about our services. +1 628 225 2440 or +39 02 9475 8190 ext 1.

What we do to ensure the security of personal information?

We take all reasonable measures to ensure the security of any data collected on this website. We are using SSL on every page. We are using Cloudflare and WordFence or iThemes to prevent hacks.

If you would like to know what information we have on you, just email us at info AT deltacx DOT com and we will let you know everything we have stored about you. We will delete it upon request.


What we do about the accessibility of the site?

Our policy is to aim for WCAG 2.1 AA at least. However, as a site with some pretty old pages and content, not all of our content is backwards compliant. We are actively working on our site to improve the accessibility. Please contact us if you find something in particular that needs accessibility help. We are not responsible for content from outside of Delta CX websites.