Delta CX Media is a self-publishing imprint and collective.

We believe that authors should:

  • Retain the full and exclusive rights to their content and all versions and derivatives.

  • Keep 100% of the sale of each book.

  • Express themselves however they want, personally as well as with content.

  • Raise each other up by being part of a collective. A reader who likes one Delta

  • CX Media book will probably like others.

  • Offer fairly-priced books, courses, workshops, corporate training, and other media (we just call this “Media”).


We are interested in:

  • Media about business, transformations, products, services, the Customer Experience, User Experience, and anything related to customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

  • Authors from anywhere in the world, though we are only currently set up to work with books being first published in English.

  • Quality of thought and advice. We prefer highly actionable content that sparks ideas and makes readers’ next steps clear. We are currently not interested in content that describes problems without offering solutions, or content that is more philosophical in nature.

  • Originality of topic. The world does not need another book on “design thinking” or Lean Something, especially where “lean” means speed over quality.


Delta CX Media offers its selected authors coaching and recommendations around:

  • Media topic, outline, title, subtitle, and target audiences.
  • Finding and working with an artist for the cover.
  • Finding and working with content, structural, line, and copy editors.
  • Preparing your book for various print and digital formats.
  • Translating your book into other languages.
  • Running advertising and promotions.
  • Turning your content into courses, workshops, or training.


Please note that some of the above will incur costs for the author. Delta CX Media is not covering expenses such as artists, editors, translators, and paid advertising or marketing.

It costs nothing to submit a potential project to us or discuss this project.

Our 2023 pricing for accepted projects is as follows:

Optional: $0.06 per word for editing services.
Optional: $2,000 for cover art.