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Disruptive Research: Knowledge-Oriented Research and Design Workshop

The interactive workshop version of the “Disruptive Research” book.


Remote, in-person, or hybrid. Conferences, events, or private corporate training.

Normally delivered as two half days, but can be shorter, longer, or configured differently.

About this workshop

Learn how to perform unique, knowledge-oriented UX methods uncover truly exceptional insights. 

This 2 half-day workshop is based on the book, Disruptive Research. Learn to describe and demonstrate how to identify what your customers value, and how you can embed that knowledge into your design. These methods will differentiate you from the average practitioner, creating enviable successes.

1st half-day:

  • Introduction and task analysis basics
  • Personas suck, so what do you use instead? User knowledge profiles.
  • Optimizing the user’s task

2nd half-day:

  • Identify the user knowledge gap
  • Bridging that knowledge gap
  • Designing knowledge into the product


Workshop flow for each topic:

  • Describe the topic
  • Walk through an example
  • You work on your version of it
  • Answer review and questions

Some exercises are in a Miro board. You’ll need a computer but you won’t need a Miro account.

Target Audiences

This is a how-to workshop for UX Researchers and Designers familiar with HCD/UCD methods, and want to learn more evolved UX methods. 

Pre-requisites: General knowledge of UX research practices.

Live public workshops

Join live and remotely from anywhere!

2 & 3 November 2023, two half-days.